Even the Happiest Places Surrender to Natural Disaster

The excitement of an upcoming theme park vacation is quite unique by nature. It’s something that is never felt before. Something that keeps building up until the day we actually visit the favourite parks. And in most cases, chances are we often ends up with a memorable experience unlike any other. However, there are instances when the weather god plays spoil-sport, pouring cold water to our plans and anticipations. Not that the theme parks are reluctant to take quality preventive measures for the guests, but it’s the nature of the unpredictable weather that makes things too difficult for vacationers. Whether it’s the advent of a sudden rainstorm or an un-bearable warm spell, the change will have a direct impact on your vacation for sure.

It’s hard to imagine even the happiest and most magical places can succumbed to the natural forces. Like many others, the Central Florida theme parks are not strangers to natural compulsions and attacks. In fact the parks had seen situations that had compelled guests to cancel or postpone their most anticipated vacation plans in the past and probably in the future as well. Yes, I feel sad to know that guests are left stranded with unfulfilled dreams. When the pre-vacation homework is done and when you are so close to the day of your actual trip, the news of a bad weather is the last thing you don’t want to hear. Worst still, a natural disaster like the Hurricane is a complete setback in this regard. The sunshine state is a victim of the wild coastal wind in the past, including the tropical storm Fay that had kept the parks soaking for days along with the rest of the areas in the State.

The September 2017 disaster is a major setback in the history of theme parks. Hurricane Irma – a category 4 storm with wind speed of about 150 miles per hour hits Florida leaving millions powerless. Several vacations were halted and plans rescheduled, dreams fall apart. Hurricane Irma takes the biggest toll at a time when the Parks are having the best of fall festivities and events such as the Disney World’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, or the Nation’s premier Halloween Event – The Halloween Horror Nights Fest at Universal Orlando and other popular Halloween events at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens.

We are all passionate about the theme parks and Resorts here in Orlando, Florida. They are the most impeccable renderings of our dreams and imaginations. They are the sources to some of the most memorable and extraordinary moments of our life. And I believe they will continue to entertain us no matter how big or how devastating a disaster seems to be. Hurricane Irma did hit the theme park resort area. But it seems the impact is limited to a few downed trees and power lines, else the parks are all good.

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