Why Nashville Isn’t The Next Silicon Valley – It’s Better!

With a population of more than 600,000 people Nashville is rapidly gaining popularity amongst the other regions. It is a city filled with music and a population that still gives you the small town feels no matter how big it becomes. This area has been growing with a constant pace for the last several years and it will continue to do so even more rapidly over the years to come. So book your flight tickets to Nashville starting today.

Also known as the Music City, Nashville has a stream of live music sessions all over the town even in places like the Airport bars. It hosts prestigious musical events such as the Bonnaro Music Festival as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame. Many popular and highly reputed music producers and record label companies also have their offices in the Music Row- a place located in the downtown of the city. However, the reasons for Nashville being the perfect site for startup do not just depend on its cultural legacy or its history with music, they are way beyond that. The most important reason out of this is the fact that there is no state income tax in Tennessee (though there are some hall taxes on dividends and interest). For entrepreneurs who want to start or have started a business and are low on cash this is a very attractive incentive.

Nashville is also said to be the center of the U.S. healthcare industry, providing housing to some of the largest health-care businesses in the U.S such as St Thomas Health Services etc. And these companies are the ones that provide mentorship and capital to entrepreneurs for their investment ventures. So it is can be said that this city is a hub for health care innovation.

The housing cost in Nashville, is a fraction of the amount in different major startup areas of the US such as New York and San Francisco. This is also an added advantage for recent entrepreneurs. However this may not stay this way for long. With the rising popularity of the city the housing costs of the city are also on the rise. The real estate market is expanding and increasing with each passing day.

For entrepreneurship to thrive, there needs o be a rich array of talents in the region as well. Nashville excels in this matter as well. It has Vanderbilt University as well as 20 more schools of higher education. Often, people stay living and working where they go to college, which means that fresh talent is never short in this city. This talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. The townspeople are also quite welcoming towards such ventures which also gives the entrepreneur further incentive to venture into the depths of this city and explore!

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