Business Fuel Cards: The Available Services

Whether you are the owner of a small or large business, despite the hard work and constant effort you and your team put in to ensure that your incoming finances continue to grow, you will no doubt be aware that there are also numerous out-going expenses to deal with daily.

They say you have to spend money to make money, a statement which continues to stand true today. Whatever the business, whatever the industry and whatever the size, you will face numerous costs; from employee wages to office space rent and even purchasing stationary, a business’s out-goings are regular.

One of the daily and somewhat difficult costs many businesses have to contend with are fuel charges. Whether the business in question is reliant upon a large fleet, with staff members regularly travelling around the country or a business with teams expected to move from one office to the next; dealing with fuel charges is no easy task.

With costs unexpectedly rising, different charges on offer at different stations and drivers often taking long and difficult routes, businesses can be left with receipts for costs they may not have expected. Although there is no way to directly control fuel costs, businesses can better manage their costs with a fuel card.

Similar to a credit card, fuel cards are strictly for the payment of fuel and come complete with a secure pin allowing the driver to safely and securely make a purchase at declared locations. Businesses often can agree set prices, or competitive two tier prices and will receive an invoice often on a weekly basis. Depending upon the needs of your business and with the right deal, a business fuel card not only offers better control but the chance of making savings.

The benefits of a business fuel card are great however for those unsure of what is available; below are the top services that are prove just why and how the right business card can make all the difference to any business…

· Management- Whether you have one card or ten; business card management services make it easy to maintain control and know every detail about every penny being spent. Many companies offer online services that allow you to keep on top of your account no matter how extensive and even manage all of your invoices, any time of day.

· Invoices- One of the biggest issues with travel costs is having to deal with the mountain of receipts and claim forms, with business fuel cards this never needs to be a problem again. Fuel card companies supply weekly invoices that are HMRC complaint, and incorporates every detail including the specific fuel card number and the date and time of every transaction, which simply makes life easier for you.

· Multi Use- There are many fuel card services which allow for the use of several cards on one account; a beneficial service for those with several business cars or even an entire fleet.

· Locators- From free downloadable maps to iPhone apps; with the right fuel card you can also get site-locator’s to ensure your drivers remain aware of the right locations and are never caught out. These locator’s may also be used to plan out better routes for your drives, particularly great for those with a large fleet.

Managing your businesses out-goings is never easy but with the right business fuel card you can at least get better control of those travel expenses.

The options available and the services on offer are endless so why not consider what is available and see just how much your business can save?

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