A Great Getaway Spot All Year Round

Well known for the natural beauty of the surrounding scenery, Arcadia Michigan is a favorite destination for eager tourists who want to get the most out of their precious few days holiday. Most areas are summer hotspots because they provide excellent facilities for one type of holiday, but the standard of surrounding activities near Arcadia offer a range of interesting holiday pursuits, whether you want the exhilarating intensity of cross country skiing or the refreshing calm of watching the sunset at Arcadia MI public beach.

The Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club is nationally renowned world class golf club that has abandoned the exclusivity of private memberships and opened its doors for all members of the public to enjoy the spectacular views and diverse 18 holes. Only 2 miles from Arcadia House Bed and Breakfast, the club prides itself on offering a friendly and welcoming environment, where you don’t have to be a golf pro to enjoy five star treatment!

Of course, if you prefer the idea of enjoying the scenery without dragging a bag of clubs with you, Arcadia is nestled within a series of scenic trails and nature preserves, including the circular Great Lakes Tour and the Betsie Valley Trail. You can take your trail at the speed you feel most comfortable with; by bike for those who like life in the fast lane, or on foot for people who like to savor the moment. The Arcadia public beach is an easy walk from arcadia Michigan lodging in the centre of town, because sightseeing doesn’t have to involve any more effort than sitting on the beach!

If you have your heart set on getting your feet wet, also within walking distance is the Arcadia Michigan public marina, where you can fish or take a boat ride. Fishing guides of the area are available, as many visitors are attracted by the call of Lake Michigan and the chance of catching and cooking your own dinner. Canoeing and tubing facilities are available a short drive from the town of Arcadia in Mesick, where Wilderness Canoe Trips are happy to show you the ropes of navigating rivers and gliding across lakes in canoes, tubes, kayaks or rafts.

With the arrival of winter Arcadia offers plenty of chances to enjoy the snow, including snowmobile trails only 8 miles from the town or snow shoeing and cross country skiing 2 miles away at the Arcadia Dunes nature preserve. Unlike many holiday destinations, Michigan has the benefit of attractive weather at both ends of the scale and Arcadia is perfectly situated to make the most of those warm summer months when the beach is at its most beautiful, and the exciting winter activities when the snow covers the ground.

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