Arizona’s Beautiful Landscapes Are A Must See

One of the most beautiful sites that exists in Texas and Arizona is Spring’s magnificent wildflower season. The raw landscape can seem barren most months but when conditions are just perfect Mother Nature can deliver a spectacular display of color and beauty that is breathtaking.

When these conditions are perfect, Mother Nature creates prolific and well-timed rain fall through the fall and early winter months. As the temperatures warm up, the stage is set for a spectacular blooming season. The landscape suddenly comes alive with brilliant colors that don’t last long.

Some of the showstoppers of the wildflower season are the Mexican Goldpoppies. Each year, the flower gazers wait with anticipation to see just how many of these beautiful flowers will appear. Unfortunately, these poppies don’t handle the heat very well. The temperature directly impacts just how many beautiful blooms will appear on each plant. So their brilliance is controlled by Mother Nature and her corresponding temperatures. The hotter the temperature, the less flower activity there will be.

Two reliable poppy-viewing locations are the Lost Dutchman State Park and Picacho Peak State Park just outside of Eloy, Arizona. These parks are open to the public and do have campgrounds available. You will find geocaching, camping, Arizona Civil War Re-Enactments and special kids activities. Some interesting museums to check out are the Superstition Mountain Lost Dutchman Museum and Goldfield Ghost Town. They have live mock gunfights and ice cream parlors for the younger age group. For the archeologist, there are several rock stores that will surely impress even the most sophisticated rock collector.

If navigating that waterways of Arizona peaks your interest, you can cruise the waterways of nearby Canyon Lake on an old-fashioned steamboat.

Another beautiful spectacle is the Brittlebush. It provides large ground masses of silver-green mounds that cover the ever sloping terrain. The brittlebush is the workhorse of desert flowers and shows up no matter what the conditions are.

Other colorful dessert perennials are globemallows, owl clover, penstemons and desert marigolds, lupines, blue dicks, chicory, and tackstem.

You don’t want to miss this small window of opportunity to see Mother Nature in all of her glory. She can deliver the brightest and best landscape pictures that only the imagination can muster.

So if you have the opportunity to see and experience this magnificent site, it is a must do. There are many museums, public parks, spectacular views and a slower pace that we can all appreciate as you take in Mother Nature’s beauty.

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