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While ‘The Pink City’ is something that we already associate Jaipur with, there is another name that suits the place quite well and i.e. the ‘Palace City’. The dynasties that inhabited Jaipur hold a lasting legacy even today that provides this place with a royal cultural experience. You simply cannot overlook the palaces of the city while making your sojourn here. They are not only extravagant and grand but also boast a reflection of the city’s golden era.

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Travelling is my passion and when it comes to historical places, the desire doubles up. Being a history buff, I love exploring new places, especially the ones that hold great historical value. So, this time, my target was to check out the palaces in Jaipur and dig into the lives of Maharajas. So, I made a short trip to the city alone and planned my itinerary for the day outing. But before I reached the city, I made my hotel booking at Trident from the wide list of hotels in Jaipur available at Intermiles and booked my stay there for two days. Coming to my itinerary, here is how I chalked out my day tour to the magnificent palaces of this royal city.


Witnessed the Rajput and Mughal architecture at the City Palace

I started my palace tour with the City Palace. Stretched over a large area, City Palace depicts outstanding Rajput and Mughal architecture on its interiors that will please your eyes. I have never seen anything like the City Palace before. As soon as I entered the gate, the positive aura and the royal feeling filled me with great happiness. To my surprise, there were also gardens, temples and museums in the palace, basically an all-in-one to make your visit even more worthwhile. All these places exhibit historical importance and stunning royal grace. The exterior boundary of the palace was constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh and other structures by his formers and it truly reflected the ancient work of art. This place formerly served as an abode for the Maharaja of Jaipur and looks brilliant both from interiors as well as the exteriors.


Explored the different rooms of the Rambagh Palace

Our next destination on the list was Rambagh Palace. I learned from the Internet that it was initially a garden house that was constructed for the wet nurses of King Ram Singh and was later converted into a royal palace by Sawai Man Singh II. This fact itself intrigued me and I could not wait to see the royal rooms and the suites within the palace interiors. So, I added this and went according to the plan. I was shocked rather stunned after seeing the beautiful rooms of the Maharaja and his family and the kind of living they had in those days. It gave me a royal Rajasthan culture vibe and I definitely had a hard time exiting this place.


Learned about Meena Dynasty at Amer Palace

After exploring the Rambagh Palace, I went for some lunch at the nearby stalls and then drove to Amer Palace to tick off the next place on the list. This palace is an architectural marvel indeed. The different structures created out of red sandstone and marble is a fascinating sight to witness. Amer Palace was initially ruled by the Meena dynasty and therefore, holds great importance in today’s time. If you want to learn the history of the Meena dynasty, you can visit this palace and learn about them along with the exploration. But before you leave, do not forget to catch a glimpse of the Maota Lake which is located within the compounds of the palace. You will undoubtedly love the sight of it.


Appreciated the architectural work of Hari Mahal Palace

Before calling off for the day, the final destination where I went for the Jaipur palace visit was Hari Mahal Palace. Initially, home to Rajadhiraj Hari Singhji of Achrol, Hari Mahal Palace has been converted into a heritage hotel of Jaipur today. However, one part of it has retained its glory as a palace where Rajadhiraj Mahendra Singh currently resides. This place features brilliant elements of Mughal, British and Rajputana architecture and you will be stunned by the intricate detailing of each. If you love exploring architecture, this is the best place, to begin with.


After 2 hours of vivid exploration of the Hari Mahal Palace, I came back to the hotel, had dinner in the in-house restaurant and got freshened up. To be honest, it was an amazing tour of the palaces of Jaipur and I can visit this place again and again without getting bored. So, if you want to explore the palaces in Jaipur, do not delay much. Pack your luggage and head straight to the city and we can guarantee, you will have a fantastic time.

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